Dynamic Range Independent Video Quality Assessment

Dynamic Range Independent Metric Online

How to prepare an archive for the DRIVQM test

The server expects an archive file which is packed by ZIP or tar.gz. It has to contain pairs of images. One image has to be prefixed with 'dst' the other has to be prefixed with 'ref'. The result can look like this:

Image formats

Our tools can use many image formats, but be sure to use the appropriate file extensions. Which image format you use is irrelevant.

Archive structure

There must not be any directories in the archive file.

Example archive

You find an example archive using tar.gz at https://drivqm.mpi-inf.mpg.de/arch.tgz

Upload Methods

There are two variants to upload a file:

Upload the file via http post
This is the simplest way of uploading. You can select a file from your machine and it will be uploaded. The downside of this approach is, that it is very unstable, there is no recovery if your connection is disturbed. We suggest this method if the uploaded file is not very big (< 100MB) or your connection is very fast.
Let us fetch the file from your webserver
This solution should be very well suited for very big files. Still depending on the connection of your webserver to the internet. To keep your data private you can specify username/password for the webserver, and we will use it to authenticate. In this case your files will be unreadable for other people.
To use this method, follow the the form dialogue and enter the URL to your file (for example: https://drivqm.mpi-inf.mpg.de/arch.tgz).

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